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Mainstream Data

Newscom is owned and operated by Mainstream Data, Inc. Since 1985 Mainstream has been providing world-class information companies like Bloomberg, Reuters, PA SportsTicker, the European PressPhoto Agency, Technicolor Digital Cinema, and Deutsche Presse Agentur with world-class communications solutions. Mainstream develops and deploys end-to-end delivery mainstream data image solutions using the industry's most robust satellite, Internet and information server technology. From teleports and Network Operations Centers in Salt Lake City, New York, and London, Mainstream provides its clients with transmission capacity, satellite uplink, network management, integrated high-speed Internet connectivity and mission-critical services and applications where and when they need them - around the clock and around the world. Mainstream backs this technology with an absolute commitment to excellence in operations and customer service.

Mainstream Data is the technology partner behind many of the world's most prominent news, photo and video agencies. International press agencies use Mainstream's hosted MediasBrowser platform to syndicate content to their customers worldwide. Celebrity and entertainment photo agencies use Mainstream's managed FTP delivery system to ensure reliable file delivery at incredible speeds. Video agencies use Mainstream's video processing technology for on-the-fly video encoding, near real-time push delivery and hosted archiving of digital video files. And information companies of all sizes use Mainstream's MediasUpload application for the collection of multimedia content from photographers and videographers in the field. Also, from distribution of real-time financial data, to delivery of multimedia content for gaming companies, to managing the largest digital cinema network in North America, Mainstream continues to build, deploy and manage content delivery networks using cutting-edge technology and mission-critical VSAT networks.

For more information about Mainstream Data or its products, visit www.mainstreamdata.com now. Or, contact sales for more details at info@mainstreamdata.com.

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