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Newscom Celebrity

In 1985 Newscom was the first on the scene to provide a new way of distributing content - delivering photos and licensing in one package from one place. We're used to being on the forefront of technology and finding new ways to help our customers and partners find and sell great images.

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Newscom Celebrity is a lot like its parent. Developed for the iPad, Newscom Celebrity is a round-the-clock update on all of your favorite stars with pictures, videos and news stories. We've partnered with some of the best in the paparazzi business like Splash News, Pacific Coast News, PHOTOlink, FashionWireDaily, ZUMA, Kathy Hutchins and SIPA to bring the latest and best coverage in the world on all things entertainment. It's all available on the iPad - so you don't miss any of the action in or out of Hollywood.

Visit www.newscomcelebrity.com for more info and a link to download the app for free from the iTunes store. Contact us at support@newscom.com for more information about partnering with Newscom Celebrity or Newscom's iPad and iPhone technology.

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